Katalogue I, my second collection was an ode to two African artists Malick Sidibe and Seydou Keita. My first introduction to their work was via the good ole pinterest. My first thought was these portraits are so much similar to my parents groovy 70's photos. Afterwards, i did more research on their work. If you do not know about these two incredible artists, get to studying. Unfortunately, they are no longer with us but their work of art will always show the world that there's such thing as an African Aesthetic. Both artists from Mali, West Africa documented images of Mali during the era of transition from a french colony to an independent country. Their images were in black and white. Malick Sidibe focused more on the youth culture of Mali's capital, Bamako. Based on my observation, Sidibe's work was a bit more risque than Keita's in that there was more body exposure. Sidibe's images depicted much more youth resistance to the socialist regime in Mali by exhibiting the "rock n' roller" attitude or the popular culture of that era [60s and 70s] .  To me, Sidibe's images were a reminiscence of a musical and Keita's images was that of a classical movie. I combined the vibe i got from these two geniuses with my love for color My sister who some of you know as 'TEFF', was the photographer/art director for this production. She brought in her love for rhythm and textures and voila! So here are some images that inspired the collection

These are six out of many images that inspired the collection. Keita (bottom three images) and Sidibe (top three images) sought to illustrate how The African individual communicated their identity as an African and the influence of the colonizers.

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