Ohhhh Range!!

Can i first start by apologizing for the sabbatical in terms of blog post?! I lacked inspiration to blog so i took a rain check. However, I have not had any sabbatical in other parts of my life though hahaha! I have been working and if you are following our social media handles instagram / twitter / facebook you would observe that we have a new collection whoop whoop!!!! I will save that story for another blog post.

So today on KAHKTI KULTURE IS Ohhhh Range!! Can you almost guess who this blog post is about? the little thing in my family that has been obsessed with the color since she could mouth out the baby language guhhhh guhhhh guhhhh hahahaha!! Teff!! yeah Teff. I don't call her Teff at home but whatever. She requested... i take that back. She demanded that i custom make a piece for her birthday last year and so i DID! 

The initial fabric that i was going to use was Neoprene but after much deliberation with myself i decided to go with my favorite fabric::: cotton denim. Well now to find an orange colored denim was a headache. So i figured how about dyeing the fabric orange. Voila!!! So that's what i did and it came out great! We shot the photo on a windy afternoon in NC. Although some folks think this was shot Somewhere in Africa. No it wasn't! Check out the images of some of the processes captured below. I am working on doing better at capturing the processes of making these pieces! 


Shots by me!

Artistic and Creative Direction by Teff

Video by my brother Francis

Music by Nneka- Africans

Blogged by Andrea (AKU) (Creative Director / Founder )

Hope you enjoyed it! Leave us a message and comments. Until next time  BeYOUtiful!!