Hello Everyone!! hope you are enjoying your summer thus far. It is a bit too hot for me actually... Global warming.  I am more into spring and fall. I never thought i would ever say that. When i immigrated to the United States, i always looked forward to the summer... it was a much more relatable weather. That's a story for another blog post.  Look forward to an immigrant blog post... hopefully before the month end. Back to  my favorite seasons; spring and fall. I am a bit of a layering junkie when it comes to what i wear... thus my love for both seasons. Moreover, Fall and Spring has become, to me, a symbol of change/balance and rebirth respectively.

Sooo you may ask " so what does this have to do with KING WOMAN? " I will land in a few. hahaha!  KING WOMAN is a docu-series created and directed by one of my favorite humans Kemi Adetiba. It highlights the story of some influential Nigerian women. From their young age, highs and lows. Believe it or not, I do not know these women, never heard of them (i know of a couple of them) but after listening to their stories, I  could relate to their stories. I admired their strengths, courage and how they pick/picked themselves up regardless of what life threw at them. I shared the links with friends that were not  African and they could relate as well. 
Our stories are universal. This docu - series is inspirational to say the least! I truly believe that life has its seasons. Your reaction, character and personality determines what season you spend time in the longest. 

If you have not seen the KING WOMAN series, Do yourself a favor and do that now. So many AhA moments and affirmative nods. The last episode airs monday June the 26th and it features Kemi's mom who inspired the series. I can't wait to see it. Below is a link to episode I and you can catch up with the rest of the episodes via you tube.