The Serena Confidence

Mantra of the week is BE SEEN BE HEARD and I say this loud and clear in the best Serena Williams groan when she returns a thunderbolt serve. Who watched the Wimbledon women finals this past Saturday? I didn't because I was working but I was on ESPN app like every 5 minutes. I was sad about the outcome for a minute but when she hit me ( I say hit me because I feel like she's directly speaking to me) with those words " i feel like I had just begun" and it put everything in perspective. 

My most recent collection KAHKTI II / IFUNANYA and possibly my most personal collection yet is a commingling of the space and consciousness; it's me displaying what it means to be an African and an immigrant at the same time and how the term DOUBLE CONSCIOUSNESS  described by William E.B. Dubois can possibly be evident in most if not all immigrants. This can also lead to identity struggles as best described by one of my favorite Nigerian poet Ijeoma Umebinyuo in her book of flowery words QUESTIONS FOR ADA. 

so, here you are
too foreign for home
too foreign for here
never enough for both

Starting this sustainable lifestyle brand KAHKTI (derived from the plant Cacti which is the plural of cactus; check out our KAMPAINGS to learn more was my answer to anyone that questions my africanness or anyones for that matter and my means of inviting like minds that can relate in the struggle. 

Recently, I took a trip to New Orleans and I created some images with KAHKTI pieces. If you read the last blog you would see me in one of the pieces. In today's blog, I will be sharing two different ways I rocked  the WAXED BAGGIE TWOSIE which is still available for purchase. Comfort is key here! 


Hope you enjoy. Share with your colleagues and hit me with a comment or two about your identity being questioned, how you coped? share what you feel safe sharing!