What does your 'S' stand for?

This isn’t really a blog post of what my S stands for because it’s indeed a long list but. to be fair, since I am asking the question, I should answer too. For the sake of this post, (and by the way this doesn’t have anything to do with NYFW but tell me about that Pyer Moss though) my ‘S’ stands for Style and Sustainability. Generally, the first thing people think is the Environment once there’s a mention of sustainability. However, we have to factor in the economic and the social aspects of it also. And of course style… personal style to be exact which isn’t moved by the fashion climate and trends.

Enough of the big talks though. So basically for this blog post, I style one of my favorite staple pieces in my closet :: DRESS SHIRT. Season to season, I wear dress shirts; buttoned up, buttoned down, buttoned less, layered, dressed up, dressed down …. basically there are countless ways to wear a dress shirt. Personally, I prefer them loose because I get more styles out of them. So I styled the dress shirt with one of my favorite Person’sn brand AKA Serena Williams. I have had this sports bra from her clothing brand ‘Serena’ for about a year but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how I was going to style it. Honestly, I wasn’t about to parade my small boobs. Body image issues … we all got them but I am thankful for those days that one wakes up with that self confidence boost at an all time high and you are like uhmmmm SMALL BOOBS MATTER HAHAHAHA! Yeah I had one of den days and these images you are about to see were shot…. even better they are self portraits. Me myself and I creating images of my darn self. Hope you love them and tell me which look you prefer.

In a way, this is my ode to my favorite era; The 90’s. When Aaliyah made it kool to show your abs and almost non existent boobs and yeahhh you were just as black with no glutes. Those were the vibes i was given off. To achieve the shirt cape, I buttoned the collar button, pushed the body of the shirt back ward and buttoned probably the 4th button and voila we have a cape. Also, the tie dye crocs was all from my mother. Way before Gucci I guess made their rendition of it, my mom had them on her feet, I told her I loved them and she copped me a pair. The pair of culottes are made of vegan leather and I have had them for years. So yeah…. Style and Sustainability. Don’t forget to leave comments below. Thanks for stopping by.